Climate Mitigation

Aim and Goals

Sustainaware project’s aim is to educate the Slovenian and Hungarian youth about climate change and climate mitigation through non-formal approaches.

The goals of the project are to: 

  • Develop an adjusted Slovenian Ecological Footprint (EF) calculator together with the project website,
  • Write and publish a brochure “WTF is Climate Change?” in English, Slovenian, and Hungarian,
  • Develop a Competence model on climate mitigation and sustainability for non-formal education in the youth sector,
  • Ensure pilot implementation of the Competence model in NGOs in Slovenia and Hungary,
  • Prepare and carry out eight webinars on climate mitigation and sustainability,
  • Organize the Summer School on Climate Change and Sustainability,
  • Organize the International Youth Climate Summit,
  • Effectively communicate on climate awareness activities and promote the tools developed by the project.

Project Description

The project will promote “climate literacy” among Central European youth and provide educational resources about climate change mitigation. We will adjust the Ecological Footprint Calculator to the Slovenian reality, which will allow young people to compare and tackle their resource demands and to transform unsustainable consumption patterns into sustainable ones. Furthermore, the implementing organizations will conduct educational events on climate change: eight webinars, a summer school on climate change, and the Sustainability and Youth Climate Summit. Each format will allow participants and relevant stakeholders from Central Europe to present and discuss project results. The webinars will be recorded and published online in order to make this educational resource more widely available. Finally, the project will address the youth work community, developing a new competence model on climate mitigation and sustainability, which will be tested and implemented by youth NGOs in Hungary and Slovenia. Acknowledging the importance of non-formal education and communications systems, the projects will primarily use social media to disseminate the knowledge.

My Ecological Footprint

The Ecological Footprint measures how much nature we have and how much nature we use. The footprint indicator adds up all the productive areas for which a population, a person, or a product competes. It measures the ecological assets that a given population or product requires to produce the natural resources it consumes and to absorb its waste, especially carbon emissions. It is measured in global hectares (gha).

What is your score? Find out!

WTF is Climate Change?

WTF is Climate Change booklet is developed for teachers, educators, youth workers, and youth in general. 

It aims to make you ready to become part of the solution to the global warming problem. It contains all the necessary (and more) information about the causes and effects of climate change. Furthermore, at the end of the booklet, you will find a list of suggestions for what you can do personally to protect the environment and our society. 


Sustainaware Competence Model

The Competence Model is a booklet including methodological techniques for climate action and sustainability education. 

The development of this model will provide youth workers, teachers, and other individuals working with young people, non-governmental organizations, and schools with a framework for standardizing the knowledge and skills needed for effective and successful youth work.



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The project consortium consists of four different organizations: 

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